Electrical Drive Systems for two-wheelers

  • System description

    Bosch has developed a new drive system for electric scooters (eScooters) which is aimed specifically at the Chinese market.

    Designed as a wheel hub motor, the drive meets the standard installation requirements of electric motors for e-scooters. It is intended to be mounted in dual swing arms and can easily be integrated in most scooters and mopeds. It therefore caters to the key standards of the Chinese market. In terms of quality and performance, however, the drive system sets entirely new standards.

    The electronic control unit includes a boost function for maximum driving enjoyment as well as enhanced recovery of braking energy. It can also incorporate additional safety functions – for example a system to detect whether the seat is occupied, which allows the motor to be switched to reduced power when the electric scooter is being pushed.

  • Customer benefits

    When it comes to cutting CO2 emissions, electric drives already have the edge – but the new eScooter drive system from Bosch extends their lead even further.

    The wheel hub motor combines high performance with a compact design. It is simply fitted in place of a conventional rear rim, which makes the installation process remarkably easy.

    The electronic control unit can be combined both with the Bosch electric drive and with most other standard drives available on the market. Optimized to work together, the wheel hub motor and control unit perform at their best as a complete drive system. Nevertheless, both components can also be deployed individually, thereby offering manufacturers maximum flexibility.


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