Lambda sensor for two-wheelers

  • Function

    How the lambda sensor for two-wheelers works


    Measuring the oxygen content in the exhaust gas provides the ECU with relevant information for controlling the air-fuel ratio in the combustion chamber.

    The switching-type lambda sensor generates a switched signal during the transition from lean to rich operation. That precisely identifies the stoichiometric point (lambda = 1), where the catalytic converter can operate most efficiently. The result is reliable adherence to even the strictest exhaust gas and diagnostic regulations.

    Technical characteristics:

    • High functional reliability, robust design
    • High temperature resistance
    • Planar sensor element with integrated central heater
    • High peak-temperature robustness up to 1030 °C (250 hours); constant temperature resistance up to 930 °C
    • High resistance to environmental factors (e.g. vibration, water, salt, oil; can be completely submerged)
    • Versions for specific applications available
  • Customer benefits

    Fast – compact – reliable


    The Bosch switching-type lambda sensor is designed for gasoline (lambda = 1) control. Rapid signal provisioning (< 7 ms) and high signal stability improve emissions values during cold and warm starts. An integrated heater quickly brings the flat sensor element up to operating temperature.

    • Reduced emissions for cold and warm engine starts due to fast sensor provisioning
    • Reduced emissions due to high signal stability
    • Sensor elements manufactured at two locations on different continents and sensor assembly within a global manufacturing network

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