Fuel injector for two-wheelers

Fuel injector for two-wheelers
  • Function

    How a fuel injector for two-wheelers works


    The fuel injector injects the fuel in such a way that it forms a homogeneous mixture with the air; this mixture is then fed into the area of the combustion chamber most favorable for combustion. The aim is to prevent excessive fuel condensation on the wall from the intake manifold or intake valve.

    The fuel injector is installed in the intake manifold in front of the intake valve. It is a solenoid valve that is used to control the injection start and duration. Several ultra-precisely manufactured orifices ensure fine fuel atomization. The shape of the fuel spray is determined for each engine by the position of the injector and the configuration and number of orifices.

    For small engines in particular, a smaller injector enables more flexible installation. A quiet injector is also important for riders on two-wheelers, as their exposure to noise from the vehicle and the environment is greater.

    Technical characteristics:

    • Grommet sealing (O-ring + clip in concept phase)
    • Standard mini-trapezoid connector at a 30° angle (other versions available)
    • Designed specifically for two-wheelers with little space
    • Smaller size
    • Large dynamic flow rate
    • Various spray patterns
    • Smaller droplet size
    • Flat or extended tip
    • Smart combination of design and software adaptations to meet noise requirements for two-wheelers
  • Customer benefits

    Lightweight – precise – reliable


    Bosch fuel injectors have proven themselves a million times over. They have all the technology necessary to optimize spray preparation and configuration – for any engine.

    • Adaptable to different engine displacements
    • Ready for future emission requirements
    • Lightweight
    • Reduced noise level
    • Performance and manufacturing processes of a well-established production network with international experience (quality and reliability)

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