Engine management systems for two-wheelers

Engine management systems for two-wheelers
  • Function

    Electronic engine management: the innovative core of powerful, economical, and safe two-wheelers


    For decades, Bosch drive technology has delivered efficiency, comfort, and driving enjoyment on roads around the world. Now the convenience of electronic engine management is also available for motorcycles. Bosch engine management systems (EMS) offer optimally coordinated system solutions for every type of two-wheeler – from affordable one-cylinder models in Asia to powerful big bikes in Europe and North America.

    Bosch EMS are based on port fuel injection systems for cars, a solution that has already proven itself a million times over, but have been adapted to the typical motorcycle engine. Compared to carburetor engines, motorcycle engines are faster and more dynamic with improved peak performance. At the same time, they consume 7% less fuel in WMTC (world motorcycle test cycle) and even 16% less in real-world driving cycles, which are typical of urban traffic. Two-wheeler drive systems equipped with Bosch EMS operate reliably even with lower-quality gasoline, minimizing breakdowns and maintenance costs. These results depend on the optimum integration of all components into an electronically controlled system: fuel injection and supply, air management, ignition, and exhaust gas treatment as well as electronic control units.

    For two-wheeler manufacturers, Bosch complete EMS systems offer top functionality and maximum system benefits. They need less time and effort for system integration and provide a quick path to series production.

  • Customer benefits

    Customized drive systems for all motorcycle classes


    Two-wheelers, motorcycles, and scooters are not purely a mode of transportation – never have been, never will be. These vehicles always contain an emotional element, even if they are used as an everyday alternative to cars. The more use they see, the greater the demand for performance and riding comfort, without harming the environment. Bosch's electronic engine management opens up more possibilities than mechanical management could dream of.

    Two-wheelers with EMS are clean

    Electronic engine management facilitates efficient fuel consumption. It uses the lambda value to precisely control the amount of fuel injected as well as the timing of ignition. At the same time, the system can recognize vehicle responses and adjust the engine operation accordingly.

    A captivating experience every day

    People who buy motorcycles aren't just looking for a way to get from here to there. They want to enjoy the ride and have fun. Mopeds, scooters, superbikes – all are vehicles for everyday as well as for leisure and sporting activities. That's why it's fitting that two-wheelers with EMS aren't just cleaner, safer, more economical, and more convenient, but they also offer a more enjoyable driving experience. The throttle response is markedly more direct, the acceleration more dynamic. An electronically actuated CVT (continuously variable transmission) offers up to 17% faster acceleration. The flow of air through the engine is more powerful and greater maximum speed is possible.

    The latest in riding comfort

    Different riding modes, such as eco, standard, or sporty, are possible only with electronic engine management. The engine offers three modes in one: fuel-efficient for everyday riding, power performance for all situations, and dynamic sporty fun for the weekend. Bosch engine management always ensures a smooth cold start and quiet engine operation. Those who ride often or over long distances will be thrilled with the combination of electronically controlled speed and relaxed cruising.

    Smartphone connectivity

    Thanks to the latest electronics, two-wheelers can be fully connected with smartphones. Very soon riders will be able to use apps to see their current or average fuel consumption, or even a complete profile of information about their journey. The smartphone can also activate an immobilizer by shutting off the fuel supply.

    Safety in numbers

    Safety systems such as ABS, ESP, or traction control are increasingly becoming standard in motorcycles. Bosch's EMS technology can connect to every type of modern safety system, paving the way for manufacturers to set up sophisticated systems networks.

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