Fuel supply module with turbine pump

Fuel supply module with turbine pump
  • Function

    How the fuel supply module with turbine pump works


    The fuel supply module is built into the fuel tank, where its task is to continually supply the right amount of fuel from the tank to the fuel injector. A pre-filter captures coarse contaminants in the fuel to protect the fuel pump, and an external fine filter has to be used between the fuel supply module and the fuel injector.

    An electric fuel supply pump with a constant or demand-driven delivery rate is used to dispense the fuel. The integrated fuel pressure regulator provides pressure control. The tank level sensor (optional) is an angular-position sensor with a float and floater arm. Scooters and high-end motorcycles usually use top-mounted fuel supply modules, whereas lighter-weight motorcycles usually use bottom-mounted ones.

    Technical characteristics:

    • Modular design (various flange shapes, plug-in connectors, sealing arrangements and tank level sensors possible)
    • Metal or plastic flange
    • Carbon or copper commutator
    • Optimized electric motor
    • Optimized port and blade-wheel geometry
  • Customer benefits

    Efficient – compact – robust


    If the fuel pump fails, the motorcycle can't move. Bosch's efficient and compact fuel supply modules are designed for an exceptionally long and trouble-free service life. The materials employed are compatible with the use of ethanol.

    • Low operating current
    • Good cold start as well as good electromagnetic and hot-fuel behavior
    • Compatible with a wide range of fuels
    • Serviceable components
    • Easy to assemble

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