Canister purge valve for two-wheelers

  • Function

    How the canister purge valve for two-wheelers works


    To minimize emission of hydrocarbons through evaporation, an active charcoal filter traps the hydrocarbon vapors from the tank. Some of the intake air is routed through this filter and the hydrocarbon vapors are burned as part of the air-fuel mixture. Compared to the mechanical version (“reed valve”), the solenoid canister purge valve meters the flow of vapor in accordance with the engine's operating state.

    Legal requirements:

    • Introduction of limits for evaporative HC emissions for two-wheeler volume segments in ASEAN, Brazil, China, India, Japan, and WEU; motorcycles in these segments need to be equipped with ACF (active charcoal filter).
    • The active charcoal filter has to be purged by a mechanical CPV ("reed valve") or solenoid CPV. The latter are needed to meet stricter limits for HC emissions in the exhaust gas and to improve the driving behavior.

    Technical characteristics:

    • Precise control of the air mass and small tolerances thanks to pressure equalization
    • Laval-nozzle design enables several flow rates (3.5 – 6.5 m³/h)
    • Variants specifically for two-wheelers with flow rates < 3.5 m³/h are planned
  • Customer benefits

    Light – compact – flexible


    The Bosch canister purge valve is a solenoid valve in a plastic housing. Because the pressure is equalized between the intake manifold and the ambient pressure, the solenoid does not have to overcome any pressure differential. This means the canister purge valve can be much more compact.

    • Favorable price-to-performance ratio
    • Production locations in Europe, the Americas, and Asia
    • Modular design (plugs, in- and outlet arrangement, variable air flow rate)
    • Compact design and low weight

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