Combined charge sensor for two-wheelers

Combined charge sensor
  • Function

    How the combined charge sensor for two-wheelers works


    The combined charge sensor for fuel-injected gasoline engines with mechanical throttle body integrates the functionality of a throttle position sensor, an intake manifold air pressure sensor, and a manifold air temperature sensor in one housing.

    Technical characteristics:

    • Combination of throttle position sensor and temperature sensor in one housing
    • Angle sensor with linear output
    • Manifold air pressure sensor with linear output
    • Integrated temperature sensor (NTC)
  • Customer benefits

    Robust – economical – versatile


    Electronic engine management enables central control of all functions relevant to engine operation, thanks to sensors that provide current and precise information from the powertrain. The input variables are used in several calculations, including the fuel injection quantity.

    • Less packaging effort
    • Smaller interface in combination with the throttle housing
    • Less effort for plug-in connectors, cable harness

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