Electronic throttle body for two-wheelers

Electronic throttle body
  • Function

    How the electronic throttle body for two-wheelers works


    Electric actuators allow high levels of precision in air intake adjustment. In gasoline engines, the air supply to the cylinder is controlled by means of a throttle body, which reduces or enlarges the intake manifold cross-section.

    The throttle device consists of an electrically powered throttle valve and a contactless angular-position sensor for position feedback. The electronic engine management regulates the throttle valve electrically. Trigger input variables are the position of the accelerator throttle and the requirements of systems that can influence engine torque, including adaptive cruise control and active safety systems such as the MSC® motorcycle stability control system.

    Technical characteristics:

    • Modular platform design
    • Throttle diameter: 32 – 62 mm
    • For ambient temperatures from -40 °C to +120 °C
    • Fast actuation times: t = 90 < 110 ms
    • High excess torque (ice breaking): ≤ 1.8 Nm
    • Optimized idle air leakage (ø 57 mm): < 3.5 kg/h
    • Target weight: ≤ 600 g
    • Analog and SENT-compatible interface
    • Optional: water heating pipes, stainless steel bearings, EMV package (engine and sensor)
  • Customer benefits

    Modular – global – economical


    With its modular design, the Bosch electronic throttle body in NC technology offers the smallest dimensions and, in turn, helps optimize costs. The best-in-class Hall IMC (integrated magnetic concentrator) delivers a shorter response time than competitors' products as well as temperature-independent characteristics.

    • International engineering and large-scale manufacturing lines available (KR, CN, EU, LA, NAFTA)
    • Cost optimization thanks to modular design
    • Best-in-class Hall IMC (response time, temperature-independent characteristics)
    • Switching engine off is quiet, reduced noise, vibration, and hardness

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