Software function for determining the air mass

Software function for determining the air mass
  • Function

    How the software determines the air mass


    The engine speed of a single-cylinder engine is not constant, but exhibits characteristic patterns over the course of a working cycle. An engine speed sensor measures these patterns, which are then evaluated by the engine control unit software using a model-based approach. This analysis establishes certain features for different operating phases of the four-stroke engine. The volume of air that reaches the engine cylinder is calculated from these features. The intake air temperature is calculated using a temperature model. That temperature plus intake air volume are used to calculate the air mass and adjust the amount of fuel to be injected.

    Technical characteristics:

    • Software algorithm is built into the electronic EMS control unit
  • Customer benefits

    Innovative – reliable – precise


    Bosch's powerful engine control unit uses a software-based model for analyzing engine speed, making it possible to determine an engine's operating parameters without specialized sensors (e.g. pressure sensors). This makes the engine more robust, reduces the amount of maintenance needed, and cuts costs. At the same time, the ECU evens out the differences among specific motorcycles in terms of fuel consumption and peak performance: every motorcycle of a particular model is guaranteed to provide the same riding experience.

    • Fewer sensors in the system
    • Reliable performance even at changing throttle leakage or ambient pressure
    • Additional information about the engine's operating condition
    • Limp-home mode still possible even if the throttle position sensor is damaged
    • Software functions compatible with series production components for engine speed sensor and trigger wheel

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