Connectors for two-wheelers

  • Function

    How the connectors for two-wheelers work


    Connectors are used to connect control units, actuators, and sensors to the power supply and to exchange data.

    The Bosch product portfolio is comprised of low pole connectors for actuators, sensors and injectors, high pole connectors for engine and ABS/ESP control units as well as the appropriate terminals.

    Technical characteristics:

    • Terminal range: 2
    • Tightness: IP X6K, X7, X9K
    • Sealing: Connector radial seal
    • Sealing: Cable single wire seal
    • Vibration resistance: 30 g / 45 g
    • Temperature range: -40 °C... 150 °C (Au, Ag)
    • Pitch distance: 4 mm
    • Wire size range: 0.35 - 1.0 mm²
    • Locking type: locking hatch
  • Customer benefits

    Strong – sealed – reliable


    Connectors are subject to heavy stress by vibration, temperature changes, humidity and aggressive media. Even under these circumstances Bosch connectors meet the specified tolerances over their lifetime. For two-wheeler manufacturers the Bosch product portfolio offers specifically miniaturized and adapted connectors.

    • Low space requirements due to compact design
    • Reduced noise transmission
    • High vibration resistance: 30 g (matrix 1.2) / 45 g (matrix 1.2 HV)
    • Connection geometry for push-back-test

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