Spark plug for two-wheelers

Spark plug
  • Function

    How the spark plug for two-wheelers works


    In gasoline engines, the air-fuel mixture in the engine cylinder is ignited by a high-energy spark from the spark plug. The necessary high voltage is generated by the ignition coil, which transforms electrical energy from the battery or the electrical system into as much as 30,000 volts. It then delivers it to the spark plug at the moment of ignition.

    Bosch spark plugs are state of the art. Thanks to their top innovative technology, they help ensure that engines use less and less fuel while still performing at the same level. In developing its spark plugs, Bosch draws on its leading expertise in gasoline fuel injection and its close collaboration with vehicle manufacturers. It optimally customizes the technology to the requirements of each engine.

    Technical characteristics:

    • Electrode temperature: 450 °C to 900 °C
    • Ignition voltage: 15 kV – 30 kV
    • Thread diameter: M10, M12, M14
  • Customer benefits

    Effective – scalable – can be integrated


    Bosch spark plugs are thoroughly reliable. They meet the same stringent requirements that Bosch's car spark plugs do and ensure that whatever vehicle they are in, everything runs perfectly.

    • Smooth operation
    • Consistent performance over the entire service life
    • Reliability during cold starts
    • Low fuel consumption due to complete combustion

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