Braking instead of locking

  • Functionality

    Safe braking with motorcycle ABS


    On a motorcycle fitted with an antilock braking system, the ABS control unit constantly monitors the speed of the wheels using wheel-speed sensors.

    If a wheel threatens to lock during hard braking or on slippery roads, the antilock braking system regulates the braking pressure in a targeted manner, thereby ensuring optimum braking. In this way, the driving stability and maneuverability of the motorcycle is maintained, even where there are adverse driving conditions such as sand, loose chippings or water. This significantly reduces the risk of a brake-induced fall, and usually shortens the braking distance.

    Depending on the model, the driver can tell that ABS has kicked in through a gentle pulsing on the hand and foot brake levers, as well as a tacking noise.

  • Customer benefits

    Benefits at a glance

    • Increased vehicle stability and enhanced driving comfort
    • Best possible deceleration, without the wheels locking
    • Shortened braking distance
    • Reduction in the number of serious and fatal accidents

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