Motorcycle ABS

A good trip.
Effective braking.
With motorcycle ABS from Bosch.

The antilock braking system (ABS) from Bosch has an accurate feel for the road. Sensors are used to determine the optimum braking pressure and thus prevent the wheels from locking. So you keep control of your bike, even when fully braking, and therefore stay in lane.

Functionality and advantages Functionality and advantages

Functionality and advantages

With the antilock braking system (ABS) from Bosch, the motorcyclist can keep calm, even in a dangerous situation, making the fear of locking wheels and falling a thing of the past.

Effectiveness study Effectiveness studies Effectiveness studies

Effectiveness studies

What Bosch already knew has now been confirmed: numerous scientific studies have shown that ABS is the system that gives motorcycles an enormous boost in terms of safety.

Legislation Legislation Legislation


First mandatory ABS, then it can do its thing: This initiative alone could save more than 5000 lives in Europe between 2011 and 2020.

Tips for braking Tips for braking

Tips for braking

Even braking is a skill to be learned. For this reason, practice braking in the ABS control range regularly; ideally, as part of driving safety training.

Technical evolution Technical evolution

Technical evolution

Bosch has been on the right track and producing antilock braking systems for motorcycles since as early as 1995. Now it has got going, Bosch remains constantly on the search for improvements.


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