The safety package for motorcycles.

New rules to make motorcycles safer and greener got the thumbs up from the European Parliament on November 20, 2012. They are to apply to all powered two- and three-wheel vehicles, from mopeds to heavy motorcycles, and also quads, as of 2016.

Under the new rules, antilock braking systems (ABS) will have to be fitted to all motorcycles that have an engine displacement greater than 125 cc, while ABS or combined brake systems (CBS) could be fitted to smaller ones (under 125 cc), including scooters.

More than 5,000 lives could be saved with this ABS equipment mandate between 2011 and 2020 alone, as shown by one of the benefit studies conducted by the European Commission. And even in emerging markets in Asia and South America, ABS promises to significantly enhance road safety. In order to use the system, a hydraulic braking system is required — a standard currently gaining ground in all markets.


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