Effectiveness studies

What Bosch already knew, is now confirmed

Around one in six deaths that occurs on the road in Europe and Brazil involves a motorcyclist — in India and China, that figure is even higher. What’s more, according to the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), the risk of a motorcyclist having a fatal accident is 20 times greater than for a car driver traveling the same route.

The antilock braking system from Bosch can provide significantly more safety in this regard. Numerous scientific studies have shown that ABS is the system that gives motorcycles an enormous boost in terms of safety. A study by the Swedish Road Administration "Vägverket" presented in October 2009 confirmed that ABS can prevent 38% of all accidents resulting in physical injury, and 48% of all serious and fatal accidents.

An investigation conducted by Bosch based on the large German accident database, GIDAS, concluded that a quarter of all accidents could be avoided if ABS was fitted as standard. A further third of these accidents would at the very least have less serious consequences if ABS was used.


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