ABS enhanced

  • System description

    A motorcycle has two brakes. With ABS enhanced, these brakes communicate with one another.


    The front and rear brakes of a motorcycle respond to the braking behavior of the driver in completely different ways. While the front brake is often used too little in the event of an emergency out of fear of the bike rolling over, the rear wheel is braked too strongly and locks.

    The ABS enhanced system from Bosch provides the solution to this problem: Thanks to an electronic Combined Brake System (eCBS), the braking pressure is optimally distributed between front and rear wheels — regardless of which brake the driver uses. Whether it is at a traffic light that changes suddenly or to avoid an accident in an emergency: ABS enhanced calculates the optimum braking force distribution for every braking scenario.

  • Customer benefits

    Benefits at a glance

    • Enhanced ABS performance
    • Optimum braking force distribution thanks to eCBS
    • Outstanding vehicle stability when braking, enables the braking distance to be shortened by a significant amount
    • No negative effects on handling in tight bends, as the eCBS automatically switches off in the low speed range
    • Intelligent rear-wheel lift-up control
    • Greater comfort thanks to ABS value-added functions

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