ABS light

ABS light
  • System description

    Small motorcycles are now big on safety


    Riders of small motorcycles and scooters can now benefit from significantly improved safety thanks to ABS light, the low-cost entry-level product in the latest generation of Bosch brake control systems. The system uses only one hydraulic brake channel, which controls the front wheel.

    The system determines the speed of the wheel using a sensor and adjusts the braking pressure accordingly. The actual speed of the vehicle is also continuously measured and taken into account in the system's calculations in order to guarantee maximum vehicle stability.

    Many of the components used in ABS light can also be found in high-performance Bosch systems, and the software has been optimized for the entry-level market.

    A second sensor can be fitted to the rear wheel, enabling the system to calculate deceleration values in the same way as the basic two-channel system — meaning ABS light can also help prevent the rear wheel from lifting off the road.

  • Customer benefits

    Benefits at a glance

    • Antilock braking system specially adapted to low-cost motorcycles and scooters
    • Software is optimized for the lower power segment
    • Improved safety through front-wheel control

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