Motorcycle stability control

  • System description

    Push performance to the limit — safely


    Braking hard while leaning into a bend on a slippery road? Or accelerating on wet surface? Riders can now handle these and other critical driving situations safely and confidently. Thanks to motorcycle stability control, riders can brake and accelerate, whether on straight roads and negotiating bends, without sacrificing the dynamic performance of their bike or the fun of the ride — but now with a reassuring feeling of safety too.

    The system constantly measures all key motorcycle data: wheel speed, lean angle, pitch angle, acceleration, braking pressure and many more. This data allows to recognize critical situations and intervene, thereby preventing the wheels from locking when braking, stopping the wheels spinning, mitigating that the rear wheel from lifting, as well as making sure that the front wheel stays on the ground.

  • Customer benefits

    Benefits at a glance

    • Optimum braking and accelerating, even in bends
    • Reduced risk within the laws of physics
    • Improved riding stability in all riding situations as well as braking effectiveness
    • Reduces the motorcycle’s tendency to return to an upright position when braking heavily in curves
    • Reduces the risk of “lowsiders” (accidents in which the motorcycle capsizes during cornering and the wheels slide out toward the outside of the bend)

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