Inertial measurement unit

Inertial measurement unit MM5.10 for motorcycles

Bosch offers the world's first inertial measurement unit for motorcycles in series production. This sensor provides the information required to deliver a significantly greater level of safety and comfort, as well as increased performance.

To provide this information, the MM5.10 inertial measurement unit measures the 5D inertial signals, roll rate (ΩX), yaw rate (ΩZ), longitudinal acceleration (aX), transverse acceleration (aY) and vertical acceleration (aZ) of the motorcycle. The lean angle and pitch angle can also be calculated using a microcontroller. Information about the wheel speeds and other motorcycle-specific parameters (tire size, tire form and geometric installation location of the sensor) are required for this calculation. All signals are provided via CAN.

A whole host of functions can be achieved and enhanced using this information:

  • Motorcycle stability control (MSC)
  • Traction control
  • Launch control
  • Wheelie control
  • Cornering light
  • Hill hold control
  • Semi-active chassis control
  • Accident detection for engine switch-off
  • Accident detection

What's more, the MM5.10 inertial measurement unit can be combined with other Bosch motorcycle products, such as ABS and traction control, as well as engine management and dynamic control functions.

The MM5.10 inertial measurement unit can be operated both with a Bosch control unit and with control units from other manufacturers.


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