• Engine Management Systems

    Bosch engine management systems

    Tailor-made with passion for motorcycles. From affordable mass mobility two-wheelers to high-performance bikes.

  • Two-wheeler safety

    Motorcycling is passion. Dynamics.

    A pleasure that you can hardly top but can make safer and more comfortable without compromising the thrill of the ride — with motorcycle technology from Bosch.

    Bosch provides riders with a reassured feeling of safety by creating motorcycle system technologies that remain unnoticed until the moment it is needed — so that the thrill of motorcycling remains just as unique and exciting as it's meant to be.

EU mandates ABS for motorcycles starting 2016

Brake the motorcycle, not the fun of the ride

See the video about system integration

Bosch two-wheeler technology on YouTube

New variant of motorcycle stability control to debut in Ducati

The motorcycle stability control (MSC) has led to a significant improvement in motorcycle safety. At the end of 2014, Bosch will be launching "MSC base", a new variant of this safety system. It is the first MSC to be based on conventional ABS technology. This technology features two separate braking channels, and has the advantage of being cost-efficient and compact.


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